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"Very often we read about Supply Chain principles such as Visibility, Collaboration, Flexibility, and Integration. We understand the concepts, agree with the principles, and look for ways to turn concept into reality. Flowcasting brings these principles to life. Its focus on simplifying Forecasting, combined with the tremendous versatility of time phased planning is both leading edge and executable today. Andre, Mike, and Jeff have done a great job of demonstrating the practical application of Flowcasting concepts with everyday Retail challenges. Flowcasting is a great read, and worthy of serious consideration."

Geoff Frodsham
Senior Vice President, Canadian Logistics
Loblaw Companies Limited

"André Martin has had a dream and vision to integrate end-to-end the “extended supply chain” all the way down to the store shelf. The future is now here and what was previously unmanageable in real life is now possible – driving the factory floor from the store shelf. Leveraging collaborative business processes along with the strength of the time series DRP orders forecasting methodology has position his dream into the industry’s emerging best practice."

Robert Bruce
Former Vice President, Supply Chain Strategies
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

“We live in an age of data. More plentiful and richer sources of data continue to emerge. The authors of Flowcasting The Retail Supply Chain have devised a means to make the supply chain visible by utilizing a stream of data to create a Flowcast, a forecast constructed from detailed demand data. What’s remarkable about this concept is its utter simplicity. It’s easy to understand and implement, and it can revolutionize the kinds of things we can do to improve supply chain operations. This book is an easy read, placing Flowcasting in the context of previous methods, and showing how it can be used to solve common supply chain problems. You will appreciate the potential of this method to cut through supply chain complexity.”

Franz Dill
Procter & Gamble

"The consumer goods retail industry has been continuously challenged to effectively manage Retail Supply Chains from the store to the factory floor. Andre and his team have finally broken the code and conquered the challenge. Flowcasting provides visibility to all trading partners through the business process they have developed. The benefits extend from the consumer, through retail outlets to the manufacturer and their suppliers. Flowcasting will truly 'change the face of industry.'"

William G. Mackie
Managing Principal, Oliver Wight Americas
Board of Directors, Oliver Wight International

"Most retailers today are flooded with data from which they struggle to extract intelligence about effective management of their stores and the supply chains that replenish them. Flowcasting presents a new approach to forecasting across these supply chains that will go a long way in improving operations and increasing profits. In clear and convincing discussions, the authors describe analytic methods and supporting business processes for implementing Flowcasting in any retailing company seeking to improve its competitiveness."

Dr. Jeremy F. Shapiro
President, SLIM Technologies
Professor of Operations Research and Management, Emeritus
Sloan School of Management, MIT
Best selling author of Modeling the Supply Chain

"André, who conceived of and delivered on Distribution Resource Planning, believed that the principles of DRP could be applied at retail, using point of sale information as the engine that could drive the entire retail supply chain.... Never one to give up on a dream, André and his colleagues Mike Doherty and Jeff Harrop have written Flowcasting the Retail Supply Chain. The logic is sound, the challenges are significant, with the importance of a collaborative mind set ringing true throughout the book."

Joseph Andraski
President & CEO
Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards Association

"People, processes and technology merge in a heretofore impossible linking of the consumer goods industry from factory to store shelf thanks to Flowcasting. Andre Martin along with Mike Doherty and Jeff Harrop put in place that piece of the puzzle which forever changes the way executives and practitioners think about and manage the retail supply chain."

Dennis L. Groves, P.E., CFPIM, CIRM
Chairman, Oliver Wight Americas
President, Oliver Wight International

“I strongly recommend reading this new book to improve your understanding of the paradox of current forecasting practices and eventually how Flowcasting will help you and your trading partners reap all the economic and productivity benefits in your extended supply chain.”

Thomas H. Friedman
Founder and President
Retail Systems Alert Group


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